recog peopletitleRecognition Schemes are supported reflective-learning programmes based on Community Development National Occupational Standards. The original full Recognition scheme for experienced CD practitioners developed from the accreditation units that used to offer a portfolio based route to qualification. More recently Baseline Recognition has been piloted to enable activists and workers to demonstrate their learning from their community activities so far and to assist in setting out their next steps in learning, community activity and employment. A project based ‘real-time version of Recognition is being developed to encourage learning from practice. All Recognition schemes offer mentors to participants and require the presentation of their portfolio to a panel; some offer more group based learning and sharing. The schemes are flexible and can be adapted to most situations where valuing the skills and knowledge people have gained or are gaining from their community activity is important. Completing Recognition builds confidence, skills and the qualities required to practice community development effectively.

What is Involved?

Working with a mentor:

The opportunity to attend workshops on particular relevant topics and for skills development.
An assessor is appointed who:

Benefits for participants

Benefits for organisations