ESB attended a workshop hosted by the WEA which explained their current project to map informal and non formal learning across their partners in a Grundtvig funded Europe project – The European Inventory of Validation on Non formal and Informal learning. The workshop was also to debate the draft 2014 European guidelines on the validation of non-formal and informal learning produced by the Council of Europe.

ESB introduced its Recognition schemes and explained a little about how they translated peoples leaning from their community activity in to a Recognition certificate using the CD NOS by giving examples of current schemes. The concept was of interest to other delegates who could see the value in many different setting, such as within the Trades Unions. Recognition is a concept that is more innovative and dynamic than the systems being proposed in the draft guidelines.

ESB commented on the draft guidelines and linked the consultant into other UK bodies who could comment on their nations situation. ESB was later interviewed by WES as a ‘social partner’ as part of its work to develop a European Strategic Guide for fostering participation and awareness raising on NFIL; it will form part of a guide being prepared by EUCIS LLL

ESB will develop it networking and links through the contacts gained from attending this workshop. We also plan to talk through possible adaptations of Recognition to WEA.