Autumn 2014

It’s hard to believe that its 5 years since the last set of standards were revised and changed. ESB sits on the ETS committee within NYA, and through this position has been involved in the bid for NYA to act as the host for both youth work and community development NOS across the UK.

ESB will be part of the review process as it will be a member of the implementation team for this short, sharp review of the standards which has to be completed by February 2015. The first stage is a questionnaire which will inform consultation events in the early autumn with redrafted CD NOS, followed by more consultations and a final version by February. There will be a regular update on this project on our web site and a link will be posted in August to a survey asking for your opinions - watch this space.

ESB will be contributing its experience of running Recognition and using the standards for endorsement of programmes as well as its international work.

Click here to see the 2015 NOS

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